New Year, New Goals (+ Recommended Writing Contest)

We're nine days into the New Year 2020 and this is my first update. Yay! I have to admit, in terms of writing, for me 2019 was a roller-coaster ride. We started on a high note with the Write to Publish course by The Write Practice, thanks to which I published my first short story:... Continue Reading →

An Update… Finally

Heeeey... long time no see... If you're one of my diligent readers, you've already received this update via my mailing list. If not... well, let me start off by saying that I'm sorry for the silence. That's wasn't cool of me, to leave you in the dark for the last couple of months. But that's... Continue Reading →

Update: Writing Progress

Hello, readers! How have you been? I know I promised more consistent updates. It's been 20 days since the last one... Oops. In my defence, I have been busy writing the anthology I told you about, and today's post purpose is to tell you a little bit about that progress. Not including 'Desert Soul', since... Continue Reading →

Of Words and Wisdom

Words begin to obtain meaning the more we exercise them. What we say, and therefore express, becomes more important as we make of words our friends. They are not to be used carelessly, however, for we risk expressing things that hold no meaning, senseless words, making of us fools unworthy of listening to. Words used... Continue Reading →

Launch Week: Wait, there’s more?

Hello, dear reader. As I've been telling you for a few days now, I released my short story 'Desert Soul' to the world. This couldn't have been possible without the help from my friends and mentors at The Write Practice and their course 'Write to Publish'. That being said, I wasn't the only brave soul... Continue Reading →

Announcing ‘DESERT SOUL’

Every legend has a beginning, and this is theirs... This is a tale of a boy, the sand people, and a traveler, who at the time no one knew would become the Traveler. It's finally here! My first published short story, 'Desert Soul', is finally out! I'm super excited to finally share it with all... Continue Reading →

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